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3 girls a day is a dating product designed by Todd Valentine who is a relationship expert and knows all the tips which are needed to attract women Most of the men do not realizes the importance of having a personality which can make it difficult for girls to ignore them. To solve such issues, 3 girls a day has proved to be the best online dating product and lets men to go with women whenever they want. There are a number of dating products and courses available online but you will not be able to get the desired results because they are not designed by relationship experts. The author wants men to become positive and remove bad habits which can prove to be annoying for most of the women. There is a small percentage of women who do not get attracted by muscular and stylish men because they want to get involved only in a relationship which can last forever.

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This course is beneficial for all those men who want to meet their online dating goals. For the beginners who want to meet up with girls in less time are usually planning to sleep with them, this can be the greatest mistake made by most of the men because dating is not meant for this purpose. The author recommends that sending loads of texts or making phone calls regularly can make a relationship stronger. Even if you are not getting regular response from the girl you are dating, you must never give up and try making efforts until you have achieved your desired results.

There are various factors which need to be considered while you are going on a date because you need to focus on your emotions each time. Making sex every time might not be possible because you might be with the girl you are dating for a short period of time. To help you regarding this matter, 3 girls a day has defined clear practices which need to be followed to pioneer in online dating. Men who are shy and hesitate approaching women need to bring a change in their personality and attitude so that they can get what they want.

This product also tells men that they need to develop strong communication skills because most of the women to not consider your personality but the way by which you are approaching towards them. However, this course can help you in this regard because it filters men and women of different types and attitudes so that they can date each other without any issues.

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars in purchasing expensive dating products because the 3 girls a day can solve your problems at once. You can easily read and understand profiles of different women and for quick response, men can also use the template messages which are specially written by the author. Todd tells men that they do not need to spend long hours over the internet finding the best match, but use the 3 girls a day product instead and they can meet their desired goals in less time.

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Using the practices of 3 girls a day does not mean that you can sleep with 100s of women with whom you are dating online. This course is meant for the people who are never attracted by women even if they are having a good personality. You will be given a list of factors which must be given attention because you need to try new techniques if the previous ones are of no use to you. The author himself used to go on date with up to 3 women each day through online dating and this is only possible if you are having proper communication skills. Most of the men have generic profiles which do not describe their personality in detail and you need to focus on this issue because there is a lot of completion developed in online dating.

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Unlike other online dating products, you will not be trapped in any case and you can choose the methods on your own. The author will suggest you an approach by which you can create attractive profile on your own without any professional assistance. This will ensure that you are not ignored by every women to whom you are willing to go on a date. Basically, this program focuses on the methods by which you are dating and will tell you latest ways by which you can fulfill your dreams. It has been noticed that most of the men are dating for the purpose of physical relations and this is the greatest mistake one can perform at online dating portals. You need to act mature and sensible while talking to unknown girls so that they do not getting annoyed while you are having a conversation.


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This course stops you from spending long hours over the internet searching for the best online dating sites. The author suggests its readers a list of useful websites and online portals from where they can make the selection of their choice. Most of the women send messages in groups and you need to pay attention to reply immediately as soon as you have received a notification. This is beneficial because women mostly consider men for dating who do not make any delay while answering their questions.


3 girls a day is one of the best dating products which you can ever find because it reveals the tips and tricks which can make you a bad boy within no time. Whether you are shy or hesitate while talking to unknown women, this guide is the perfect solution. It stops you from searching for long hours for dating sites and has a predefined list of useful places over the internet where you can find the perfect match for your choice. This product is not fake or scam as the author gives a complete payment protection.

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Women often get annoyed due to some activities of men and they like to date someone who is sensible and caring. Being a dating expert, the author tells you many methods by which you can date up to 3 women each day. Moreover, the book is easy to understand and implement because it is written for general public rather than dating experts. To make your order, you can visit the website of 3 girls a day and the product will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

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– Tips and tricks which can make you a playboy within days and you can date up to 3 girls a day without any difficulty.

– Methods to create an attractive profile over various online dating methods so that you never get rejected by any woman again.

– Learn the best communication skills by which you can chat with multiple girls at a time and make them desire about you.

– No need for spending long hours to search for the best dating places as the program will help to find the partner of your dreams with ease.

– Complete payment protection given along with the purchase so that you can follow the program without any inconvenience.


The followers of this program will have to follow the tips and tricks as advised to get the desired results.

Summary: 3 Girls A Day is a relationship program designed by Todd Valentine for men who are unaware to date the girl of their dreams. So if you are the one who is constantly being rejected by women due to weak self confidence and overall appearance, this program will help you achieve your relationship goals and make you date up to 3 girls a day with ease.

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