1000 Questions For Couples Review – Legit or Scam?

1000 Questions For Couples
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1000 questions for couples is a relationship management course written by Amy Rosenthal who better understands the complications which are involved in most of the relationships. We can find hundreds of couples who get separated from days after their marriage and this results due to the development of misunderstandings amongst the both partners.

This is a serious issue which is affecting people all around the globe because some of the men and women might find it impossible to begin a new relation once they are over with the first one. Women are more likely to get affected from this factor because men usually date other girls regularly even they are married.

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This e book is the best solution for couples by which they can keep an eye over the activities of their spouse. The questions are based upon the past experience of the author and being a relationship expert, she knows what complications usually destroy the married life. This book covers wide range of topics so that it is useful for each of the reader. You can get an instant solution to your problems associated with past relationships, personality and career through this course. Moreover, the author has also included chapters which discuss issues of married life and children.

What is this course all about?

Even if you are having all the money, you can never buy happiness. Everyone needs a happy family and a life partner with whom they could share their problems. But unfortunately, there are thousands of couples who fail to develop affection for each other and end up with divorce. Almost each of us has some secrets which we do not share with our life partner and to solve such issues, we keep on trying by ourselves and this the biggest mistake made by most of us.

The author has included her course some questions which are based on career and dreams. Everyone wants to get a loving life partner with whom they can share their thoughts and ideas but you need to use the correct manner while communicating with your spouse. There are hundreds of questions in this book which are based on the development of a long lasting relationship and you must read them with proper attention. So if you are planning to make your relationship long lasting and effective, you need to learn different methods which can help you in this regard


Payment protection

The author gives a complete money back guarantee for the people who have selected to purchase the course. In case you find the course fake or legit, you can ask for a complete refund for your investment within the first 60-days from the date of purchase.

This guarantees that the product is not scam and hundreds of people have recommended this e book to their friends and families. Moreover, you can place an order online by just visiting the website of 1000 questions for couples.

There are many unique factors which were discussed in this course as the author also takes regular suggestions from the readers. In case you are not able to find the best solution according to your needs, you can contact the author personally by sending an email and you will be contacted immediately.

Upon the purchase of this course, you are entitled to receive additional bonuses and features free of cost. As compared to other relationship courses available online, 1000 questions for couples has discussed the matters which are usually avoided and not discussed. Whether you are under pressure or hesitate in talking with your spouse, you need to read answers to the questions which are mentioned in this e book.

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How you can get more out of this course?

This course needs proper attention and motivation before you are able to understand what the author is trying to deliver. Once you have subscribed for the package, the system will deliver 4 to 5 questions daily through email and you will have to give thorough reply for each question.

Once the session is completed, the system will generate an authentic report by which you can get knowledge regarding your relationship.

This package can also be used for the couples who are dating and need to get information regarding the behavior of their spouse. Before you make your relationship permanent, you need to ask some important questions to your spouse which are important to maintain a long lasting marriage.

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Additional features

There are many factors which are covered in this course regarding the behavior of couples before and after marriage. It is noticed that people who are lovers while they are dating are involved into relationship issues afterwards and this is a serious issue which needs to be focused.

In order to maintain strong relationship, you need to focus on the weak points of your partner so that you do not get involved into complications afterwards. The women who are afraid of asking some questions to their husbands can also follow this course because the author has made a list of questions which are specially designed for the problems related to women.

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This book is designed by a relationship expert who better understands the complications which can weaken your relationship. 1000 questions for couples has solved the issues of people who are facing hard times in their married life. So in order to get knowledge regarding your couple, you need to give a reply to every question which is sent to you via email. Moreover, the author gives a complete money back guarantee for those subscribers who fail to get benefit from this course.

You can only get the best results if you have implemented the approaches as they are explained in this course. If you are one of those who cannot learn relationship managing rules, you need to get assistance from the author in direct. There are several other books which are composed by the same author and people have achieved the desired results within no time. To contact the author, you need to send an email which will cover your whole problem and you will be given the best possible solution.

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Personality emotions and feelings are most important factors which need to be given attention while you are in a relationship. Moreover, spiritual and religious matters are also discussed in this course so that people of different cultures and traditions can get solution to their problems. Based on the real life scenarios, these questions make your relationship last longer and forever if you are actually determined to get the best results.

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– Questions based on real life scenarios which can help you develop strong relationship for the future.

– Guaranteed results. In case you are not able to achieve the desired results, your investment will be returned at once.

– Learn different ways by which you can study the behavior of your spouse so that you do not end up in future complications.

– People undergoing hard times in their married life can find the most useful methods to increase love and affection through this program.

– Designed to help you meet relationship goals within weeks.


This is an ongoing program as you will be sent 4 to 5 questions to answer each day. So if you do not have enough patience, this program is certainly not for you.

Summary: 1000 Questions For Couples is a relationship solution designed by Amy Rosenthal which can help you enhance love and affection in your relationship. The questions are based on real life scenarios so that you can overcome any complex situation arising in your married. So by giving a thorough reply to each problem stated by the system, you can judge the level of trust and romance within your relationship with ease.

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