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As a runner, the ultimate glory and the peak of achievement is running a marathon. It takes dedication, training, commitment, and a mindset of victory. But even if your goal is not to be the first who crosses the finish line but rather to gain a personal victory or cross it off your bucket list, you still need the right kind of guidance and training. You cannot achieve a highly difficult achievement with pure trial and error or relying on mere luck any more than you can cook a great meal by randomly adding anything you see or winning in a job interview by impulsively saying everything that comes into your mind.

You need to learn the tricks and techniques of everything you try to accomplish, whether it is a profession or a marathon. If you want to perform to the highest of your abilities and achieve glory, you need to learn how to do it. Better still, to seek the guidance of someone who has already accomplished what you are trying to achieve and who knows something the vast majority of your opponents have no idea about so that you may gain the most amazing boost in your performance. This is the guidanceMarius Bakken offers in his100 Day Marathon Plan.


The Master

Marius Bakken – as almost everyone who ever accomplished greatness – has created the100 Day Marathon Plan by fusing two of his primary interest: running and being a physician. He has wide experience in running, being a two-time Olympic runner. He was internationally the second fastest non-African 5k runner in two years. He loved running, and he trained for long years to become better at it until he achieved international success.

After a while, he gave up his hobby to concentrate on something else. He stopped running only to pursue a medical career, and by the end of 2010, he graduated from medical school, becoming a Doctor of Medicine.

My theory of success has always been that its source is combining two separate fields of interest and creating something new and revolutionary out of it. When I found his 100 Day Marathon Plan, I was pleased to see my theory confirmed. Fusing his running experience with the training he received in medical school, he offers a new training method that helps every runner achieve their greatest potential.


The Training

His training is a combination of Kenyan and Italian training methods and techniques. It is a complete and complex system of training that includes physical exercise and psychological training -knowledge that originates from his running experience – and it also includes advice on diet, reducing injuries, and hastening the healing process – the knowledge from his medical background.

100 Day Marathon Plan is a method that he tested on dozens and that is reported to be highly successful by hundreds of runners worldwide. It guides the reader through every necessary bit of knowledge regarding a marathon so that within a couple of months, he will be able to complete a 26 miles marathon.

It offers great advice on daily training, from diet to injuries. It is an extensive system that offers a whole plan, which therefore eliminates doubts and barriers a trainee faces when he thinks he is going down the wrong path of preparation.

It offers eight specific training schedules that anyone can use, ranging from someone who never ran a marathon to someone who tries to break through his records after decades of experience. And because of this, the 100 Day Marathon Plan is for everyone, regardless of their level. It is highly flexible and gives the user plenty of options to customize it to their own preferences.


Workouts are often hard and dangerous part of the training. Not taking into consideration the specific physiological state of every specific runner and giving general advice, the coaches and guides oftentimes endanger the health of their students. 100 Day Marathon Plan offers workouts that do are based on medical knowledge and do not threaten the runner’s health, based on optimizing the training by using the heart rate and the specific running times of each user,

The plan includes in total 25 videos. In 15 video instructions, Marius Bakken guides the user through every single schedule and explains the flaws of the mainstream marathon training courses. In another series of 10 videos, he covers highly important topics regarding preparation, from picking the right shoe to improved workout techniques.

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The guide includes four calculators that mathematically offer you help in several important steps. You will be able to calculate how much your calorie and water intake should be, what pace you should maintain while you are running, your Body Mass Index and the injuries you may get from your specific number, and the perfect training schedule that fits your body type.

Finally, the product contains a 120-page long guide that explains every step of the preparation for the marathon.

As a bonus, the customer also receives bonus training instructions that are helpful for those who are not currently preparing for or who have already completed a marathon.

And of course, the guide itself is abundant with every single inside information the author gathered through decades of training and running experience. It gives a solution virtually for every single problem you would ever face throughout your running career. It explains how injuries occur, from wearing the wrong kind of shoes, tells you how to avoid the feeling of cold when running in freezing temperature, how to lose weight and gain strength, or how to prevent every single major injury.

The product costs only $47 with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Being able to successfully complete a marathon has a profound physiological and psychological effect. The fact that you were able to complete the most challenging running experience increases your self-esteem tenfold, boosts your self-respect, and floods your brain with happy hormones for weeks. Physiologically, it gives you strength, it highly boosts your mood and your health, preventing a multitude of diseases, and it increases your life-expectancy enormously.

Even if your goal is not to finish first-place or become the world’s fastest runner for years, even if you set your own goals and try to achieve them, 100 Day Marathon Plan is a worthy investment into improving your life. It will teach you knowledge about your body and about a diet that you may use for the rest of your life, and it offers an elaborate system that prepares you to win over the greatest peak of running achievement.

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– Gives you the results that you have been aiming to get. The guide is very special in that all that you are looking for is right therewith.

– Helps you develop great athletics tactics that will help you gain speed and physical agitation.

– The guide contains 25 videos that you can use to develop the powerful skills to become the best marathoner.

– The guide will help you to know more about your body and about a diet that you can use for the rest of your life to develop the skills needed to become the best marathoner.


– Before you see the results, you will have to be a little patient.

Summary: As an athlete, you have to have a plan, a plan to succeed. Even though your goal is not to cross the finishing line as the first person, but to achieve personal success, you will need to train with the best. This guide is one of the best. It helps you to gain physical fitness and develop a positive mindset of victory. It is a guide that you can use to achieve the best results as an athlete. Therefore, you can trust this guide to give all that you need.

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